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I've worked as a consultant in the poker software industry providing poker expertise so I'm intimately familiar with the best available poker software programs.  If you think poker software doesn't matter you better think again.  We're not talking the low quality beginners poker software stuff although that's out there, we're talking the cutting edge poker software programs that give you a big advantage at the table, the kind of poker software that once you've learned how to use you never want to play without again.

The very best in the category of poker software is Poker Edge.  This doesn't just give you an edge as the name implies, it gives you a big edge.  Imagine using a poker software program and knowing the tendencies, all the tendencies that is, of every player you will ever meet at the table, even before you play a hand against him or her.  That's what this gives you. 

While this poker software normally runs for a small monthy subscription free, a fee you'll make back several times over I might add, the owners of this poker software are friends and I've arranged it with them so that you can even get this poker software free.  Click on the banner below to visit their site and find out more, including taking it for a free test drive.  Don't forget to come back to my site after you're finished arming yourself there with the most awesome poker software weapon in online poker.
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Another nice poker software program more geared toward newer players but helpful to just about anyone is Holdem Hawk.  It's primarily a poker odds calculator and there's lots of these kicking around but this one beats the rest hands down, not only in terms of it's calculations but it's ability to track opponents play as you play them.  This is especially valuable when short tabling and especially heads up.  Holdem Hawk is brought to you by the people who designed Poker Pal, the original poker odds calculator, and was several years in the making.  It's definitely worth a good look and again you can take this out for a free test drive.  Click on the button below to check it out.
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