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If You're Looking For A Huge Collection Of Advanced And Proven Free Online Texas Hold em Poker Strategy, Free Online Poker Tips, Best Poker Bonus, Best Poker Software Reviews, Free Online Poker Lessons, and Free Online Poker Instruction, You've Found It.

You've reached the entry page for King Cobra Poker, an ongoing project dedicated to providing advanced free Texas hold em poker strategy, free winning poker tips, best poker bonus deals, free online poker lessons, best poker software reviews, online poker strategies, and free online poker instructions specifically designed to improve your online poker success. 

In spite of the fact that the average play of online poker players improving over the last few years, the fundamental principles of success at Texas holdem online poker remain the same.  While there seems to be less crazy loose online poker players as there was at one time, the average player still loses money at poker and their money is still there for the taking by superior poker opponents.  Good poker strategy,  tips and strategies are even more important now.  Using the best poker software available is also critical.

The way to beat them and take their money is the same - outplay them.  The principles that are taught here through our selection of free advanced poker tips, poker lessons, and poker strategy are designed to do exactly that.  The real key here is to think outside the box if you're going to stand out from the (losing) poker playing crowd and that's exactly what we look for you to do.  In addition you also want to track your opponents' play using the very best poker software and we're here to provide that to you as well.

Playing at the best poker rooms and building your bankroll with the best poker bonus are also both key to poker success, and we also provide to you the best site recommendations in which you will automatically receive the top poker bonus  and bonuses for going through our exclusive links without having to remember bonus codes.  Poker bonuses in particular is very important if you're looking to build your poker bankroll.

Our methods have been proven time and again over countless online poker players.  The fact is that it still isn't very difficult to be successful at online poker although it does require at least a good idea of what you're doing and a healthy amount of discipline to execute it.

Like many card games in the world, each card game requires a strategy in order to be successful, whether its playing free blackjack , bridge or solitaire games. The same is true for poker; success at online poker ultimately come down to using proper poker strategy, and this is certainly the case with Texas Hold em.  Whether you're playing limit, no limit, cash games or a tournament, the right poker tips, poker lessons, poker strategy and strategies, and poker instructions are key to winning at online Texas holdem poker.  When you put these tips together with having the right poker software to read your opponents like a book this becomes a powerful strategy indeed.  With the top poker bonuses we have your chances get even better.

These free online poker strategies quite often will take you away somewhat from the standard thinking that is going around at any given time which is a good thing for sure since if you don't play differently from the poker playing masses you won't stand out from them either.  In the end though the best tip here is to get you to think for yourself more and the best way to do that is to encounter ideas which challenge your current way of thinking.  This I will do for you to be sure.

As many of our visitors are also interested in other forms of gambling such as online casinos, as a new service I'm going to be providing online casino recommendations as well.  It's even more important to be selective when it comes to online casinos, as the best online casinos are very reputable but there but some are not so trustworthy.  In addition to the online casinos, I'll also be offering some reviews of online backgammon and online bingo as well, including how to get some free bets.  I'll post the link here to the online casino reviews on the home page once this is up.

By the way, as you're visiting our recommended poker rooms through our review pages or banners there's no need to remember or enter bonus codes when you get there as clicking our link automatically gets you the best bonuses when you open your account there, even if you go back to their site later to do it.

There are many live casino games that are gaining more and more popularity. Playing all types of casino games at top online casinos gives people the opportunity to put their potential winnings towards their poker bankroll.  Talking about boosting ones bankroll, we've also lined up some various special deals for you through some friend's sites which you'll see here and there throughout our site.  If there's a sweet deal in the poker business you can bet we're all over it and will be offering it to you here.

I hope you enjoy the material here which I'll be looking to add to regularly.
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Quick Poker Tip Of The Week

It's said that calling is a weak play, but few players realize that calling with the correct frequencies can be used as a weapon to exploit aggression.  The advantage actually comes from folding the weaker end of the range where it's unprofitable to call, and calling with the hands that are profitable to do so given the pot odds. 

In normal play with normal bet sizing, this works out to about 2/3 of the range that the bettor is playing.  So if the person is firing out every time, we'd fold about 1/3 of our hands, the bottom third of our range, and play on with the upper 2/3.  This will end up being a profitable situation for us.

Now we may indeed look to raise depending on our hand, how loose he calls raises, how often we can get him to fold, and so on.  That potential profit is separate from the profit we may gain through calling though, and we would look to compare the two and see which line yields the most expected value.
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