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Hi, I'm Ken Stephens, President of King Cobra Poker.  Since 2004, I've been offering a wealth of advanced and detailed free poker lessons, poker tips, and poker instruction to players from around the world.

As a long time professional poker player who has been playing online since it all started, I have a deep understanding for the frustrations that can overcome online poker players.  Almost all the good instructional material out there isn't designed for online poker, and while there's a lot of free poker lessons, tips, and instruction on the internet it typically is of an introductory nature and not the kind that will give you the poker success you desire.

So I started this site back in 2004 with the vision of providing online players with something beyond the ordinary stuff you usually find on the internet by way of a series of free poker lessons tips and instruction designed specifically to make you a better online poker player.  Since then I've enjoyed reading the many stories of players who have expressed their thanks for helping them go from losing online poker players to winning ones. 

In addition to the free poker lessons, I also provide recommendations on things such as the top poker rooms based upon my own experiences and the feedback I've received from other poker players, the best poker software to give you the winning edge you need, advice on building your bankroll through poker site bonus offers, personal advice through email, and more.

In addition I'm familiar with all the best deals on the internet and I don't hesistate to send you to another site if that's where it is.  I'm always on the lookout for the best offers for my players and the ones I do recommend are all the real deal and I stand behind them as the best the poker world has to offer.

I do not allow advertising on this site and all the poker banners and poker material reviews that you see on this site are all my hand picked recommendations.  These personal recommendations play a very central role in the whole process of online poker success.  By using the very best poker software, for instance, you'll gain an edge you never thought possible.  By playing at the top poker rooms selected from among the hundreds out there you'll not only be able to make significant gains in your bankroll through their generous bonuses, you'll be assured that you're playing at a highly respected poker room with the best the internet has to offer.  By getting additional poker money through special deals worked out for you, not just bonus money but actually getting paid to try out poker rooms, you can really accellerate things, or just enjoy the extra loot.  It's all about being in the know, and we're definitely in the know here, and we're looking to share our knowledge with you.

I'm glad you stopped by and feel free to bookmark this page to return again as there is a lot of stuff here and I add new material all the time. 

Click on the continue button at the bottom of my pages to navigate throughout the site.
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King Cobra Poker students Jason Thomas (left) and Adrian Pitt (right) at the World Series of Poker
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