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Poker Tips 6
Well when we say we offer the best deals around in poker to our friends we mean it!

We've been recommending poker room deals for years and definitely know a sweet deal when we see one and folks this is the best deal by far in the history of online poker.  Now poker rooms are hungry for your business and  are willing to show it through providing generous first time deposit bonuses.  This is great for players building their bankroll and you basically get hundreds of dollars extra you wouldn't have in your account each time you do this.  Now this is reason alone to take advantage of these deals but what if I told you that, in addition to all this, you could get $50 to $100 per new room signup given to you in cash and merchandise? 

A friend operates a very successful poker referral site and has been doing this for a long time.  He gets a finder's fee for every player he refers and instead of keeping it he gives most of it back to you the player as an awesome bonus!  Due to the sheer popularity of this he's able to work out a lot better deals with the poker rooms to get more extra cash and great stuff for you and it ends up being far and away the best signup deals on earth.

If there's any of these rooms that you've never had an account at, you definitely do not want to leave any of these stones unturned, because there are $$$ underneath all of them with your name on it.  Here's the way it works.  My friend pays you $$$ to try out new poker rooms.  These rooms are the most popular and trusted around.  This is on top of the bonus money the rooms pay you, which you get in your poker account there.  In addition to that, you get points awarded to you each time you open a new account at one of the rooms, make a deposit, and play a minimum of a few hands.  The points are equal to 10 cents each, and you get at least 500 points per room ($50) on up to 1000 points per room ($100).  You can then cash these points out for their money value or use them in the gift catalog to order some real cool stuff.  Then there's the sweet bonuses he's arranged for the site to give you but that's separate altogether. 

The whole thing adds up to an incredible combination, and you can open as many new accounts as you like and build up a real heap of cash or gifts.  Right now there's a total of 25 poker room deals for you to take advantage of for a total of $2110.00 in bonus points, not even counting the over $16,000.00 in poker room bonuses that have been arranged by the poker rooms to be added to your bankroll from playing there. 

If you're from the U.S., well you know how that keeps you from being able to play at most poker rooms and from taking advantage of a lot of deals.  Well there's a total of 6 poker rooms in this deal that allow U.S. players, to the tune of an easy $460 altogether in cash and gifts from my friend.  Again, this isn't counting the nice bonuses arranged for you from the poker rooms themselves.  If you're wondering how difficult it is to make deposits in these rooms, it's very easy to deposit and cash out in fact and every room provides you with all the details you need.  One of the options to deposit, and one that every poker room takes, is to just go to the store and buy an all access prepaid Visa.  There are other options available as well.  The government would like you to think they've made it hard to play online poker but in reality nothing could be further from the truth.

So here's a list of the poker rooms being offered in this deal, along with the $$$ equivalent of the points you get, in other words, what my friend will pay you to sign up there.  All you do in fact is go to his site, pick a room, make a small deposit (ranging from $10 to $50), play a few hands, get paid, cash in your payment in cash or merchandise.  Then when you're finished you come back to his site, sign up for another room, play a little again, get paid again!  This is the easiest money you'll ever make in fact!

Pacific Poker: $100.00
Full Tilt Poker: $100.00, U.S. welcome
Chili Poker:  $100.00
Ladbrokes Poker:  $100.00
Mansion Poker:  $100.00
Hollywood Poker: $100.00
Centrebet Poker $100.00
Action Poker $100.00
Titan Poker $100.00
Poker Kings Poker:  $100.00
PRK Poker:  $90.00
Poker Stars:  $90.00, U.S. welcome
Gnuf Poker:  $85.00
Red Star Poker:  $80.00
Betfair Poker:  $80.00
Better Poker:  $80.00
Poker Time:  $80.00
Cake Poker:  $75.00, U.S. welcome
Absolute Poker:  $75.00, U.S. welcome
Paradise Poker:  $70.00
Bwin Poker:  $70.00
Carbon Poker:  $70.00, U.S. welcome
Littlewoods Poker:  $65.00
Bodog Poker:  $50.00, U.S. welcome
Party Poker:  $50.00

There's also outstanding reviews provided on each room along with testimonials from their players.  The testimonials aren't filtered and there's both positive and negative comments all included in there, something no one else in the business does, so you get a real sense of what people think.  However all of these rooms are worth trying out to be sure and it's more a matter of where you might want to play longer term. 

I can tell you from recommending rooms for over 4 years myself that there's a lot of players who struggle because they play at the wrong site.  The only real way to play at the best site for you is to try a bunch of them, and why not get paid to do so.  This deal is such a no brainer it's stupid.

As well, my friend also runs an excellent video poker lesson service where you get video and other lessons from top pros.  There's a 7 day free trial to check it out and then if you like it you pay by the month and can cancel anytime.  It's called pokersavvy plus.  Be sure to check this out as well if you're interested.

Now, on to the cash.  Click on the banner below to go to my friend's site and start getting paid, and paid well, for each of your new poker signups!

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