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This is a topic which is included in just about every guide to online poker, and it's not by accident. While there are certainly distractions that can arise in a live game, one of the benefits is that by physically sitting at a table with your opponents, your focus will tend to center on the game action pretty much. There's very little else to compete for your attention in fact.

This series of poker lessons was written back in 2004 for a membership site of poker software users, a program which was one of the original killer software packages out there which I had a business relationship with at the time.  They had hired me as a poker consultant to contribute poker expertise into the design and stat tracking, and I also served as an ambassador to the members, contributing some content to the site from time to time.  Among the material I wrote for this project is this series of poker foundations, taking some of the very basic stuff which every successful poker player has to master and putting it together into what was then a 13 lesson series.  I recently added the 14th as sitting back now this is perhaps the most important one.

Not too long ago I was going through some old material and ran into these lessons again, and I realized that I should be puitting them up here as well, not only for beginning players but for anyone really since I realised that just about anyone, no matter how advanced, could benefit from thinking about this stuff a little more.  As you real through them you'll see why, and especially if you re-visit them after some significant time has passed to see how you've improved in these areas.

Since they were written for software users there were many references to the sofware, particularly in reference to improving your game.  I've removed many of these but I kept a few of them where I felt the program contributes significantly to the matter at hand.  I changed the name of the program to Poker Edge which is the latest and greatest tool in this line.  If you're interested in finding out more about Poker Edge visit my sofware page by clicking on the tab at the top of every page or the link at the bottom.  This thing is already a killer app and while I can't tell you too much I'm in close contact with the designers and there's some huge things planned in the near future including being able to custom design your own stats, which may not appeal to the average user so much but let me tell you wait until I get a hold of that!  At that point I'll have some real killer custom stuff for you which I'll post on my site for my friends.

Getting back to the series, when you first glance at the topics you may think that this is intruductory stuff and it is in a way but the word "introductory" here means necessary for success not simple beginners poker stuff.  No matter how advanced you think your poker game is I guarantee that everyone will find something of benefit in this series.
Poker Tips 6
Poker Instruction 6
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